The Committee

The Club Officers 2016-2018 are:

Club Patron – W Bro John E Hornblow – Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Sussex

President- WBro David Hopkins – Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer (Sussex)


Vice President – WBro Roger White PPrGSwdB (Sussex)

WBro Nick Turner – Chairman

Bro Gary Cheeseman- Vice Chairman & Social Secretary

WBro James Hopkins PPrSGD (Sussex) – Secretary


Bro Dominic Munns –

Assistant Secretary

Bro Steven Donoghue- Treasurer


Bro Ali Towler –

Assistant Treasurer


Committee Members: Bro Aaron Botting, Bro Ali Towler, W Bro Chris Field, Bro Gary Williams, Bro Dominic Munns, Bro David Greenwood, Bro Clinton Sturn & Bro Weatley-Rae, Bro Tim Burchell.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch.

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