Qualifications for Membership
To be eligible to join the Holywell Club any prospective member must be a subscribing member or be introduced by a subscribing member of a Craft Lodge held in the Province of Sussex or be a subscribing member of a Craft Lodge recognised as regular by the United Grand Lodge of England outside of Sussex and be vouched for by a Sussex Craft Freemason.

Benefits of Membership
Widen your social circles, enjoy the company of like-minded people at informal social events, broaden your masonic knowledge, help boost the attendance of Lodge meetings & social events and have the opportunity to attended organised trips & tours.

Cost of Membership
Completely Free. Come along to one of the meetings and your only cost will be what you spend at the bar or on the event ticket.

Want to Join?
Click here to fill in and submit the membership application form and we will keep you up to date with the latest goings on.

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